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List of Achievements[]

Beating a Dead Horse

Kill an enemy after exhausting it.


Kill The Queen Bee.

Rather Dashing

Kill The Dragon.

What is Dead May Never Die

Kill The Grim Reaper.

The New Empire

Kill The Emperor.

I Spy

Kill Alec Trevelyan.


Kill Swiper.

Vanquisher of Evil

Kill The Ultimate Evil.


Achieve level 20 using Attack.


Achieve level 20 using Defense.


Achieve level 20 using Accuracy.

The One

Achieve level 20 using Luck.


Achieve level 20 using a balance of skills.


Achieve level 20 using a mix of skills.


Achieve level 20 without investing any skill points.


Craft an Enchanted Weapon.

Blood Pays for Blood

Craft a Sparkling Enchanted Weapon.

Can't Touch This

Increase a Weapon's Range to 9.

This is MY House!

Construct a Wall.

A Pyromaniac's Wet Dream

Start an Inferno.

99-Leaf Clover

Have 99 skill points in Luck.

Magical Mastery Tour

Invest 20 blood in Magic Mastery.

Jehovah's Fitness

Get a Blood Transfusion.

That'll Hurt in the Morning

Be Reincarnated.

Triple Threat

Hit an enemy for 3x your weapon damage.

Heavy Hitter

Hit an enemy for 4x your weapon damage.

One Man Army

Hit an enemy for 5x your weapon damage.

Merry Fishmas!

Slap an enemy with a fish.

Oh Whacking Day!


The Pen is Mightier

Equip A PEN.

Angel Summoner

I could just summon a horde of angels to sort it out.


Achieve level 35.


Open a Treasure Chest.

The Matador

Kill an Evil Piñata.


Kill an Evil Bunny.

Secret Santa

Find The Secret Arena.


Collect all 5 EASTER EGGS.

My Emotions!!! Collect all 10 Emotions .
Darkness Falls Cause an enemy to fall down a bottomless pit .
Under Pressure Push a Movable Wall on top of a Pressure Switch .
Explorer Visit all 12 arenas .
The Corporate Ladder Kill 10 bosses.
Lead a Workchop Kill 25 bosses.
Promotion by Default Kill 50 bosses.
Hostile Takeover Kill 75 bosses.
Conflict Management Kill 100 bosses.
Chief Executioner Officer Kill 250 bosses.
Famous I Earn 25,000 Fame.
Famous II Earn 50,000 Fame.
Famous III Earn 75,000 Fame.
Famous IV Earn 100,000 Fame.
Famous V Earn 250,000 Fame.
Famous VI Earn 500,000 Fame.
Famous VII Earn 750,000 Fame.
Famous VIII Earn 1,000,000 Fame.
Famous IX Earn 2,500,000 Fame.
Famous X Earn 5,000,000 Fame.
Brawler I Perform 250 Melee Attacks.
Brawler II Perform 500 Melee Attacks.
Brawler III Perform 750 Melee Attacks.
Brawler IV Perform 1,000 Melee Attacks.
Brawler V Perform 2,500 Melee Attacks.
Brawler VI Perform 5,000 Melee Attacks.
Brawler VII Perform 7,500 Melee Attacks.
Brawler VIII Perform 10,000 Melee Attacks.
Brawler IX Perform 25,000 Melee Attacks.
Brawler X Perform 50,000 Melee Attacks.
Marksman I Perform 250 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman II Perform 500 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman III Perform 750 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman IV Perform 1,000 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman V Perform 2,500 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman VI Perform 5,000 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman VII Perform 7,500 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman VIII Perform 10,000 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman IX Perform 25,000 Ranged Attacks.
Marksman X Perform 50,000 Ranged Attacks.
Sorcerer I Perform 25 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer II Perform 50 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer III Perform 75 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer IV Perform 100 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer V Perform 250 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer VI Perform 500 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer VII Perform 750 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer VIII Perform 1,000 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer IX Perform 2,500 Magic Attacks.
Sorcerer X Perform 5,000 Magic Attacks.
Scavenger I Find 25 items.
Scavenger II Find 50 items.
Scavenger III Find 75 items.
Scavenger IV Find 100 items.
Scavenger V Find 250 items.
Scavenger VI Find 500 items.
Scavenger VII Find 750 items.
Scavenger VIII Find 1,000 items.
Scavenger IX Find 2,500 items.
Scavenger X Find 5,000 items.
The Emperor Has No Clothes Kill The Emperor. (Hard Mode)
Heroic Saviour Kill The Ultimate Evil. (Hard Mode)
Hardest Hardcore Achieve level 20 without investing any skill points. (Hard Mode)