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Alec Trevelyan
Alec trevelyan large
Level 25
Health 4000
Energy 85
First Boss
Second Flammable
Third Immune to Spells
Melee: Bare Hands (DMG: 185)
Ranged: Pistol (DMG: 139 RNG: 6)
Condition: None


Alec Trevelyan has two forms in this encounter. In the first form he is Flammable so use fire to maximize your damage. It is possible to have a line of fire across the level which will kill his first form before he even reaches you. When you have killed the first form, Alec Trevelyan will stage his own death and come back fully healed with the following abilities: Boss, Chance to Dodge, Immune to Fire. Alec Trevelyan's second form also has a condition "GoldenEye: Targeting". When the GoldenEye counter reaches 0, the player will be stunned for a rather long duration of time and the counter will restart. Avoiding the stun from the GoldenEye is the key to surviving this battle. The stun can be avoided by: using very high damage attacks on the boss to try to kill him before the counter hits 0, or by casting a condition on yourself such as Immunity before the GoldenEye is triggered to protect yourself. The shield spell will protect you from the effect.

Unique Item Drops[]

A PEN (Damage: +20 Effect: Causes the enemy to explode on hit.)

WALTHER PPK (Damage: +20 Range: 5 Effect: +15% critical hit chance.)


I Spy - Kill Alec Trevelyan.