Arena.Xlsm Wiki

I want to cheat my way through this game, are there cheat codes?[]

Yes, to access cheat codes: Start a New Game and for your name insert the name “DEV”. This will unlock all available cheat codes on the right side of the screen. Please consider the following before using cheats:

  • Using cheat codes will result in your name appearing as “DEV” on the Hall of Fame so you will carry the shame of being a cheater with you.
  • Cheat codes may cause unexpected behaviour in your game.
  • Achievements will still unlock if you are using cheat codes.
  • The game has been balanced to be challenging without the use of cheats. Using cheats will result in a less enjoyable experience.


  • Add Blood - Adds 50 blood. Note that if you do not have the spellbook unlocked then the blood doesn't serve any purpose.
  • Level Up - Increases level by 1. Note that leveling up to skip bosses may cause issues with your game.
  • New Mob - Removes the current enemy and spawns a new enemy. No Fame is awarded.
  • New Item - Spawns a new item.
  • Spawn Fire - Spawns Fire at the selected location.
  • Spawn HP - Spawns an HP Block at the selected location.
  • Spawn Chest - Spawns a Treasure Chest at the selected location.
  • Spawn Wall - Spawns a Wall at the selected location.
  • Spawn Pit - Spawns a Bottomless Pit at the selected location.
  • Spawn Crack - Spawns Cracked Terrain at the selected location.
  • New Arena - Will change the terrain to the next arena. Note that this may cause issues with your game.
  • Affix Only - Spawns a new item from an item pool that does not include items with no effects.
  • Reset Achievements - Locks all achievements.
  • Reset Statistics - Resets all of the statistics to 0.
  • Reset Hall of Fame - Clears all entries from the Hall of Fame .