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Dearest PlayerName,

I hope this letter finds its way to you my love.

Your friend, Fitch, from the rebellion has offered to smuggle this letter into the arena. It is heartening to know that you still have friends on the outside. I miss you so much! The Emperor has you playing his game in order to kill you, do not fear, my love. I will help you escape the arena. Until then, it is very important that you do whatever it takes to survive: Click the arrow buttons to move left, right, up, and down. Click the sword button to perform a melee attack. Click the bow to perform a ranged attack, your ranged attack will hit your aimed target which is the cell you select, if you want to hit the enemy make sure you click on the enemy which appears as: }) to aim at the enemy before clicking on the bow. Click the heart to heal yourself if possible. The blue box displays all of your statistics: Title is a classification awarded to you as you progress through the arena based on how you progress. Name should be self-explanatory. Level indicates how powerful you are. Health is your life, do not ever let this get down to zero or you will be lost to me forever my love!!! You will receive Fame when you defeat an enemy, when you accumulate enough Fame you will gain a Level which will increase your Attributes: Attack, Defense, Accuracy and Luck, worry about those lateras there is nothing you can do about those at the moment. Below your Attributes are your Melee and Ranged weapons, if you put your mouse over the weapons you can get information such as base weapon damage or range. Lastly, Condition is your status, any bonuses or impediments to you will appear here. To the right of your statistics is your enemy's statistics: Energy is your enemy's endurance, if Energy drops to zero then your enemy will become exhausted and will be unable to move. The Abilities tell you how an enemy will behave, pay close attention here so you can ascertain the best way to defeat your foe! Your enemy will respond to your actions by moving and attacking if possible.

I also have a word of advice: the large areas marked with two X's are impassable walls, try to use those to your advantage by trapping the enemy behind them!  Stay strong my darling, I know we shall be reunited soon!

                                                                                                            Forever Yours,