Dearest PlayerName,

I received another letter from Fitch today.  I burned it without opening it.  What is the point anyway?  I don't care what he thinks.  Hell, I don't care what anyone thinks.  I haven't left my room in days.  Eve has decided to stop bringing food to my room in an effort to coax me out.  Hah, joke is on her because I haven't been hungry for days!  I actually feel fine, all things considered.  I have taken this as an opportunity to spend more time reading books.

Have you heard of the story of "The Helpless Horse"?  There was once a horse that lived happy and free with her family of horses in the wild until one day, poachers arrived with a net and caught the horse.  The horse could not remove the net because she had no hands.  Then the poachers took her into the village.  The horse could not run away because her feet were bound.  She was brought to a market where she was auctioned.  The horse could not bid because she had no money.  She was bought by a jockey who strapped a saddle to her.  The horse could not remove it because she had no arms.  She was told to run quickly around the track...And that is something she could do.  In fact, that was something she could do really well!  Around and around she ran, faster and faster.  The jockey became wealthy and praised.  The jockey showered the horse with gifts and attention.  She was the fastest horse on the track.  Until one day her legs gave out and she could not run anymore.  She could barely move anymore.  She tried so hard but there was nothing she could do.  They jockey put her into a cart.  Outside the windows, she saw a familiar place.  "Home!" she thought, "The jockey must want to take me home to the wild!"  She thought about her family, left behind in the wild when the poachers first came.  But the familiarity was the marketplace.  She was bought by a butcher and no child went to bed hungry that night.

The world can be so cruel,


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