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Dear PlayerName,

I've been thinking a lot about this.  I've come to accept that I was going about this all wrong.  If I want vengeance for Jake I need to do it myself.  I have spent days planning this out to every last detail.  I have shared this with no one other than you.

I will find The Man With The Bucket. While I do not know his name, I have seen him at these weekly executions. He is escalating his sadistic nature, tormenting his captives before killing them. Last week, he had a captive and said, "Normally, I am tasked with finding an appropriate method for punishing the enemies to the empire. Today, I'm going to be merciful, you can decide how you will die: The Noose, The Flames, or The Wolf." The captive, who could not have been more than 25 years old, just cried. "I need an answer in the next 5 seconds or I will lose my patience for granting you this mercy." The captive had visible panic and replied "The Noose" hoping for the mercy of a quick death. The Man With The Bucket said, "A noble choice." and brought the bound captive to the wolf cage. The captive begged, "I thought you said I could choose!" The Man With The Bucket grinned that same grin he had when he fed Jake to the flames and said "Yes, of course I am a man of my word. You chose to die by the noose and it will be the noose that kills you, but it would be unfair to the flames and the wolf if they could not participate beforehand." And with that he shoved the captive's upper torso into the wolf cage. I heard a scream louder than the howl of any wolf.

The Man With The Bucket has to be stopped. I followed him last week after the executions and he went to a tavern. This must be his pattern. Next week I plan to follow The Man With The Bucket after the executions to the tavern where I will spike his drinks. It should only be about 20 minutes before The Man With The Bucket will become so inebriated that he will do whatever I say. I will lead him to a secluded area where I will have planted a stake and have a bucket, 6 feet of rope, and a torch hidden earlier in the day. I will tie him to the stake, the same way he tied Jake. I will ignite him, the same way he ignited Jake. I will offer him the bucket, except my bucket will not be filled with water. My bucket will be filled with gasoline. The resulting explosion will clear away any evidence. I will turn The Man With The Bucket into an <Explosive Corpse>.