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The Skeleton Archer is the only Marksman type enemy before level 20 as of version 1.0.

This enemy will require strategy to kill.

The Skeleton Archer has the abilities: Marksman and Vulnerable to Melee Attacks. The Marksman ability increases its ranged damage by a factor of 2 but has no impact on its melee damage. Furthermore the Vulnerable to Melee Attacks ability will make the Skeleton Archer take an additional 50% damage on melee attacks.

There are a number of viable strategies for taking out the Skeleton Archer to avoid its Marksman damage.

  1. You can use the Telekinesis spell to pull the Skeleton Archer directly into melee range. This avoids its powerful ranged attacks and allows you to hit it hard with melee attacks. Note that you can use Telekinesis while outside the enemy's range so it will not be able to get a shot off. (Blood cost = 5 invested, 1 use = 6 total) Investing in Telekinesis also makes the two HP Blocks in that arena easily accessible.
  1. You can use the Hadouken spell mixed with Magic Mastery to one-shot the Skeleton Archer. (Blood cost = 8 invested, 1 use = 9 total)
  1. You can use the Hadouken spell twice without any Magic Mastery to take down the Skeleton Archer in two hits. (Blood cost = 0 invested, 2 use = 2 total)
  1. You can use the Shield spell while walking towards the Skeleton Archer to mitigate the damage from its Marksman ability until it is in melee range. (Blood cost = 0 invested, 1 use = 1 total)