Level 30
Health 6500
Energy 100
First Boss
Second Fast
Third Immune to Spells
Melee: Claws (DMG: 245)
Ranged: None
Condition: Swiping

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Swiper has 2 forms: Swiping and No Swiping. When Swiper's condition is Swiping, if Swiper touches the player, he will steal up to 5 blood and then teleport away. When Swiper's condition is No Swiping, Swiper becomes Vulnerable to Melee Attacks and Vulnerable to Magic Attacks. The strategy is obvious, avoid Swiper while Swiping and hit him hard while No Swiping. When Swiper dies he will be worth the additional blood that he stole, so you will not lose stolen blood permanently. However stolen blood will handicap your ability to hit Swiper while he is vulnerable.

Unique Item Drops[edit | edit source]

SWIPER'S GLOVES (Damage: +20 Effect: Swipe +3 Blood per enemy killed.)

THE MAP (Damage: +20 Range: 5 Effect: Chance for a treasure chest to appear after a treasure chest is opened.)

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Outfoxed - Kill Swiper.

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