Arena.Xlsm Wiki

This page covers the various kinds of terrain you may encounter while playing Arena.Xlsm.



Walls are impassable spaces. Neither the player nor the enemy can move through them. Wall related spells include Demolition which will remove a wall, and Construction which will create a wall. Enemy abilities that pertain to walls include Chance to Teleport which can teleport the enemy around impassable walls.



Fire can burn both the player and the enemy if either walk through the fire. Fire will continue to burn if the player or the enemy continues to stand in the fire. Fire can be created by: items such as FIRE ARROWS, and the spells Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, and Inferno. Fire can be extinguished by: The enemy or the player walking through the fire, the player using a ranged attack targetted on the fire, and the spell Thunder Storm. Enemy abilities that pertain to fire include: Fire Trail, Immune to Fire, Flaming Corpse, Explosive Corpse, and Chance to Burn.

HP Block[]


The HP Block will heal the player up to 75% of their total health. The HP Block is activated when the player walks on top of it. The spell Telekinesis allows the option of dragging the HP Block to the player rather than having to bring the player to the HP Block.

Treasure Chest[]


The treasure chest contains an item. That item may be a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, a full heal, or blood if the spellbook has been unlocked. To open a treasure chest, you must go right up to the treasure chest and smash it open with your melee weapon.Treasure chests are impassable spaces. Neither the player nor the enemy can move through them.

Bottomless Pit[]


The Bottomless Pit will kill the player or the enemy if they fall in. Avoid these!

Cracked Terrain[]


Cracked Terrain will break away into a Bottomless Pit after being walked on. This can be used to have the terrain crumble below an enemy's feet. There is a luck-based chance that when using a ranged attack on an enemy standing on cracked terrain, that the terrain will crumble away resulting in an instant kill.

Movable Wall[]


A wall that can be pushed around the arena. Interacts with the Pressure Switch.

Pressure Switch[]


The Pressure Switch activates when weighed down by a Movable Wall. Pressure Switches are connected to Switch Walls.

Switch Wall[]


The Switch Wall is a wall that can only be destroyed by an active Pressure Switch.