Arena.Xlsm Wiki

The Arena.Xlsm interface

This page covers the fundamentals of playing Arena.Xlsm.

Turn Order[]

Arena.Xlsm is a turn-based roleplaying strategy game. The turn order is that the player can make a move and then the enemy will make a move. A player's move can consist of movement in the arena, attacking with their melee weapon, attacking with their ranged weapon, using a full heal, or casting a spell (once the spellbook has been unlocked). An enemy's move can consist of movement towards the player if the enemy can see the player, and attacking the player if the player is within the enemy's attack range. 


The Player


The Enemy


The player can move by selecting one of the 4 arrow icons. The player can move in 4 directions: up, down, left, and right. The enemy can move in 8 directions: up, up-left, left, down-left, down, down-right, right, and up-right. Enemy movements cost 1 Energy per movement. The enemy will always try to move towards the player. In the event that an enemy runs out of energy it will become Exhausted: it will be unable to move and will lose all immunities. Note that Wall Blocks will impede the movement options of both the player and the enemy.


Selecting the sword icon will perform a melee attack. Melee attacks will hit the enemy if the enemy is touching the player. If the enemy is further away, the melee attack will miss and do no damage. Selecting the bow and arrow will perform a ranged attack. A ranged attack will attack the cell that has been selected, this means that unlike the melee attack, the ranged attack must be targeted. If the target is the enemy, the ranged attack will hit the enemy. If the target is fire, the ranged attack will extinguish the fire. If the target is the ground, it's as effective as shooting the ground. You can see the statistics of your Melee and Ranged weapons by hovering your cursor over the weapon names in the blue box. Your weapon statistics will include the base weapon damage, the ranged weapon's range, and the impact of any special effects. You can see the statistics of your enemy's Melee and Ranged weapons by hovering your cursor over the weapon names in the red box.

New in V1.2: You can perform a lunge attack by moving into the melee range of an enemy.

Using a Full Heal[]

Selecting the heart icon will use a full heal. A full heal will increase the player's current health to the player's maximum health. The number in the center of the heart indicates how many full heals the player has left in inventory. The player may come across more full heals by defeating enemies and opening chests.


When the player kills a monster the player will be awarded Fame. As the player accumulates Fame, they will increase in levels. When you level up you will get attribute points that you can invest in the four attributes: Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Luck. The Attack attribute increases your damage with melee attacks. The Defense attribute increases your maximum health. The Accuracy attribute increases your damage with ranged attacks. The Luck attribute increases your odds for all good things that can happen such as finding new items and scoring a critical hit. The Luck attribute also decreases your odds for all bad things that can happen such as enemy's attacking with a Chance to Stun.