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Grim Reaper
Grim reaper
Level 15
Health 1000
Energy 55
First Boss
Second Chance to Heal
Third Touch of Death
Melee: Scythe (DMG: 85)
Ranged: None
Condition: None


The Grim Reaper can be a tough battle. The combination of Chance to Heal and Touch of Death make this boss very strong both offensively and defensively. Avoid the Touch of Death by staying at range and use damage combos (such as using the Enrage spell) to make high damage hits that will be greater than the Grim Reaper's heals. If you get hit with Touch of Death, it will kill you if you do not mitigate the damage in some fashion:

  • Use a Full Heal.
  • Use the Spell Cure Condition to prevent future damage.
  • Use the Spells Minor Heal or Full Heal.
  • If you have spare attribute points, increase defense to increase your health beyond the damage of Touch of Death.
  • Use the Spells Blood Transfusion or Energy Leech to increase your health beyond the damage of Touch of Death.

If enough blood is saved; a tedious, yet effective, alternative strategy to kill the Grim Reaper is to use Sap Energy and repeated use of the Fire Bolt. Once on fire and unable to move you can simply walk around until he dies or press attack repeatedly to waste time. There is no need to repeatedly use fire bolt.

Another viable strategy is to trap the boss in one of the 4 corners of the arena and just hit him from range with impunity.

Unique Item Drops[]

DEATH SCYTHE (Damage: 85 Effect: Causes the enemy to bleed if the enemy is hit for more than the base weapon damage.)

DOOM MELON (Damage: 85 Range: 5 Effect: Doom Seeds have a chance to blind the enemy.)


What is Dead May Never Die - Kill The Grim Reaper.