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Queen Bee
Level 5
Health 200
Energy 25
First Boss
Second Immune to Ranged Attacks
Third None
Melee: Sting (DMG: 20)
Ranged: None
Condition: None


The Queen Bee is the first boss players encounter. The largest challenge is faced by new players is the high amount of health of the boss relative to the player. At only 25 Energy, a strategy is to exhaust the boss and then hit it with ranged attacks when it cannot fight back (enemies lose their immunities when exhausted). Alternatively, you can rush into the boss and hit it directly with melee attacks and use your full heals to compensate for the health difference.

Unique Item Drops[]

ROYAL STINGER (Damage: 35 Effect: This is going to hurt royally!)

JAR OF BEES (Damage: 35 Range: 5 Effect: WARNING: Contains angry bees. Handle with care.)


Buzz-Kill - Kill The Queen Bee.